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North Suburban Genealogical Society

Meeting  at: Northbrook Historical Society, 1776 Walters Ave, Northbrook IL

Please join us on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 1pm for refreshments and bring a friend.  Free and open to the Public.

Upcoming Speakers & Meeting Programs

Feb 9      – Jane Haldeman  “What is the Cloud” and Why Do I Care?”

Mar 9      – Dr. Daniel Hubbard  “Space Time for Family Historians”

April 13   – Debra Miezala  “Lessons From A Snoop

May 11   – Ginger Frere  “Cobbler, Tailor, Trunkmaker:  How My Grandpappies Made A Living

June 8    – Jeanne L. Bloom  “Hiring a Professional Genealogist

Aug 10    – Caron Primas Brennan  “Where Did I Put Grandpa,  Organizing your genealogy information”

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