The following comment was left on our FaceBook page by a summer camp attendee. The comment has not been edited.

Dear Casa Italia,I was in the summer camp last year and not only has it helped me on italian, but it changed me to becoming a better person, out in the world and towards the environment. Sadly, I am over the age limit to be in the camp again, but i wanted to say thank you for welcoming me to your family. I miss being in Casa Italia everyday. I have made so many wonderful friends in the camp and have gotten close to the teachers too.

I was never scared when i got in the camp. Everyone was welcoming and i felt safe. Everyday at Casa Italia was an adventure for me and it was very hot outside too! I loved learning to play games like Scopa! and Bocce Ball. I enjoyed playing calcio and help make a garden with everyone. I learned how to cook the italian way and I indulged myself into the wonderful food that was provided. Best of all, I learned a lot about the history and language. I was overwhelmed at how amazing this camp truly was. By the time the camp ended, i ended up crying when i got home. Saying goodbye was the hardest part for me. I felt like Casa Italia was my real home.

I am not italian. Although I wish. I remember telling my teachers, “I’ll do anything to have a drop of italian blood in me. Even if it’s one tiny little drop of italian blood.”
I love Italy and the rich culture and history it has to offer. Along with that, you can’t forget the cuisine and the amazing people as well!
I am excited to say that i will be returning soon for festivals, dinners, and hopefully some italian lessons! I keep up to date with Fra Noi all the time! I’ll stop by sometime at the office to say hi too! Grazie Mille Casa Italia…for everything.
Ti amo! Ci vediamo dopo!
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