Presented by The DuPage County Genealogical Society 

A Day with Dick Eastman

Saturday August 17, 2013, 9:00am – 4:30pm 

Dick Eastman, publisher of the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter, will present four seminars in a one-day workshop. The event will be held in the lower level of the Wheaton Public Library, 225 N Cross St, Wheaton, Illinois.

Advance online registration is REQUIRED

Seating is limited to 100
NO walk-ins, NO refunds for cancellations

Registration begins June 15, 2013 at “Events”

Payments will be accepted only through PayPal.
Mail-In Registrations will NOT be accepted.

$34 includes 4 sessions & boxed lunch, or $25 for sessions only 

The Family History World in 10 Years Time: This talk looks in the crystal ball to discuss changing research trends. 

Mocavo:  A Comparison of the Best (?) Genealogy Search Engine vs. Google: A comparison of Mocavo and Google as genealogical search engines.  Mocavo is a search engine that often can find information that is buried within thousands of “hits” when searching on Google. 

The Organized Genealogist: A look at various methods of organizing record keeping by use of digital techniques. 

Putting Genes in Genealogy: A serious look at the possibility that today’s genealogists may become the lifesavers of family and loved ones in the near future through DNA analysis and application.

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