The following meetings will be sponsored by the North Suburban Genealogical Society between August and November 2013. Watch our blog for monthly updates as we receive them!

August 10

Caron Primas Brennan

Where Did I Put Grandpa? Organizing Genealogy
Organizing your genealogy information—digital and print-based—so that you can find what you want when you want it can be a daunting task. Get tips on how to.

September 7

John Stryker

Technology and Genealogy

October 12

Jeffrey Bockman

No Birth Certificate No Problem
Jeff takes a look at the wide variety of primary and secondary sources to determine when a person was born and who their parents where if a birth certificate is not available or can’t be found. He reviews a variety of records to help determine the parents, the birth date and the birth location.

November 9 Luncheon

Leslie Goddard

Below Stairs: A Servant’s Life in Early 20th-Century England
What was life really like for the servants who worked below stairs in the era of Downton Abbey? Who were the people who toiled around the clock to ensure the smooth running of these glamorous households? In this new first-person program, British domestic servant Margaret Powell introduces life below the stairs.

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