The DuPage County Genealogical Society has several great speakers lined up for this fall. You can view their entire 2013-2014 line-up here. Details on monthly meetings will be posted on our blog as reminders.

September 18, 2013
Mike Karsen
Location: Du Page County Historical Museum. A joint presentation by DCGS and The DuPage County Historical Musuem
Write Your Family History NOW!
We genealogists are very good at doing research and collecting many facts about our families. For any of a number of reasons, however, most of us delay publishing the results of this research. Mike Karsen shows how you can publish your findings in books that vary from a simple 30 pages to one that contains detailed biographies and places your family in historical context. Your goal should be to organize your findings and share them with your family as soon as possible.
October 16, 2013

Debra Dudek

Location: Wheaton Public Library –Lower Level

Victorian Mourning Customs: Lifting the Veil off Morbid Genealogical Treasures

Victorian Mourning Customs: Lifting the Veil off Morbid Genealogical Treasures gives attendees a glimpse into the customs and rituals of death in Victorian Britain and North America. Genealogists can thank the Victorians for the ‘cult of mourning’ which generated a fantastic assortment of keepsakes, mementos, and paperwork. Discover how these materials and the cultural attitudes toward grief can be researched with the help of modern tools and new resources.

November 20, 2013

Terri O’Connell

Location: Wheaton Public Library -Lower Level

Researching the Forbidden

We all have family secrets; stories that are whispered to a select few and hidden from the rest. Some secrets go with our ancestors to the grave while others are eventually exposed. Why do we feel the need to hold these family secrets? What can we learn about our past that will help us in the present and the generations to come in the future? What records are available and what can you learn to sort out these family secrets? In this lecture learn what the records can tell you, even if you were not looking for it.** If you miss Terri giving this lecture in Wheaton, she will be presenting at Casa Italia early 2014.

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