ItWomencoverItalian Women in Chicago

Madonna mia! QUI debbo vivere? (You mean I have to live HERE?)

Edited by Dominic Candeloro, Kathy Catrambone and Gloria Nardini—published by the Italian Cultural Center at Casa Italia.

The spotlight has always been on the men. This anthology is a preliminary effort to “write” that wrong and to focus on women in our effort to document and share the FULL Italian experience in Chicago.

The purpose is S.O.S.-Save Our Stories! Dominic Candeloro, lead editor, recruited the almost 50 contributing authors; Gloria Nardini managed the section on creative writing, edited individual pieces, and refined the Italian language usage in the text; and Kathy Catrambone edited individual pieces and copy edited the entire volume. Diane L. Cosentino designed and formatted the book for printing. Our contributors include some of the most prestigious scholars in the field of Italian American Studies, experienced journalists, freelance writers, researchers and first-person narrators with varied backgrounds.

This book is path-breaking in that it increases enormously the amount of published material on the topic. The names of more than 500 individuals and groups are mentioned and discussed in varying degrees of depth. Inexorably, the history we gathered took the form of biography. Since Italian American history is at risk of being lost, we can congratulate ourselves for capturing and preserving in book form as much as we have.

An anthology is a tool that marks out the territory and invites the reader to go beyond the samples, to delve into original sources for a deeper understanding of the subject. The big picture that emerges is a varied one. Chicago Italian women have been rag pickers, needle workers, midwives, labor organizers, farm workers, club women, county commissioners, lawyers, doctors, dentists, writers, entrepreneurs, broadcasters, performers, homemakers, and mothers.

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