Italian American Book Resources

For a general bibliography of Italian American materials visit the site developed by the Italian American Studies faculty at SUNY Stony Brook at http://www.italianstudies.org/iam/

Church Anniversary books from

  • Assumption
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Our Lady of Pompeii
  • St. Anthony of Padua

____. Images of America: Italians in Chicago, Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 1999.

____.  Italians in Chicago, 1880-1930. New York: Oxford Press, 1970.

____. “Italians in Chicago: The Ethnic Factor,”  Ethnic Chicago, revised edition, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995.

____. “Suburban Italians: Chicago Heights, 1890-1975,” Ethnic Chicago,  revised and expanded edition, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1984.

____.  Voices of America: Italians in Chicago, Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2001. 

Allswang, John. A House for All Peoples: Ethnic Politics in Chicago, 1890-1936, Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press, 1971.

Ardizzone, Tony. In the Garden of Papa Santuzzu. Picador USA, 1999. 

Benedetti, Robert. The Long Italian Goodbye. Dallas: Durban House , 2005.

Bernardi, Andria. Houses with Names. Urbana: University of Illinois Press,  1990.

Candeloro, Dominic, Chicago’s Italians: Immigrants, Ethnics, Americans. Charleston: Arcadia, 2003.

Catrambone, Kathy. Taylor street: Chicago’s Little Italy. Charleston: Arcadia, 2007.

Cipriani, Lisa. Selected Directory of the Italians in Chicago 1933-34. Located on Internet Archive in various formats.

Cowan, David and John Kuenster. To Sleep with the Angels, Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1996.

De Rosa, Tina. Paper Fish. New York: The Feminist Press, 2003.

De Vita, Salvatore. Villa Scalabrini 25th Anniversary Souvenir Book, 1951-1976. Chicago: 1976.

Ets,  Marie Hall. Rosa: The Life of an Italian Immigrant. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1999.

Floro-Khalaf, Jenny, and Savaglio, Cynthia. Mount Carmel and Queen of Heaven Cemeteries (IL). Charleston: Acadia, 1996.

Fermi, Laura.  Atoms in the Family. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995.

Gardaphe’,  Fred. Mustache Pete is Dead. West LaFayette, IN: Bordighera, 1997.

Guglielmo, Thomas A. White on Arrival: Italians, Race, Color, and Power in Chicago, 1890-1945. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003.

LaGumina, Salvatore et al. The Italian American Experience: An  Encyclopedia. New York: Garland, 2000.

Lettieri, Vincenzo. Tales of the Immigrant. Consenza, Italy: Edizioni Brenner, 2001.

Lombardo, Billy. The Logic of the Rose. BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2005.

Lombardo, Calogero.Altavilla, Sicily: Memories Of A Happy Childhood. Legas, Mineola: 2002.

Miller, Eugene and Gianna Panofsky. Struggling in Chicago, Italian Immigrants with a Socialist Agenda. Unpublished manuscript: 2000.

Nelli, Humbert. The Business of Crime. New York: Oxford Press, 1976.

Newman, Lea Bertani Vozar. Growing Up Italian in Chicago. Bennington, VT: Bertani Books 2003.

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